As we return to Netball, we want to make sure that everyone: players, members and coaches, are as safe as possible. To be able to fully enjoy our sport, we need to put into place measures to make everyone confident and comfortable with the return. England Netball has been instrumental in providing resources and training as well as facilitating discussions with the government to ensure the safety of everyone. They have produced a 6 stage road map detailing the return to netball.

At present we are on Stage 4a with Stage 4b starting on 26th September.

England Netball have put into place several requirements for the sport in order to comply with government guidance.

There is a named COVID 19 Officer for the club. If you have any questions please direct them to Liz van Graan: It is Liz’s job to keep on top of the guidance from the government and England Netball and make sure we comply with all the requirements.

There is a risk assessment specifically for COVID 19 that details all the measures we are putting in place for the safety of our players, members and coaches.

Risk Assessment Document

A risk mitigation document has to be filled out and a very comprehensive document must be gone through.

Reducing the risk around Netball! 

The following also provide useful information to reduce risks around Netball.

These graphics showing risk mitigation, rules modification and social distancing guidelines are handy summaries

Assessing your own personal risk 

England Netball have provided a personal risk assessment to help you decide if you are at risk when returning to Netball. Please read this carefully before making the decision whether to return or not.

What to do before your Training session or Match!

Prior to each training session or match, please read the following symptom checker and decide if you are healthy and able to attend.

You will be asked to sign in on Pitchero to confirm that you are symptom free and will therefore be attending the session. This can only be done within the 48 hours before the session. We would prefer it if you did this the night before or the morning of the training session.  If you have not confirmed your attendance, then you will not be allowed to participate in the training session or match.

Please also make sure that you are familiar with the following government guidance:

Additional information that you may find helpful:

England Netball have produced the following videos to explain Stage 4 netball and the risks involved in the return to netball.

An introduction to Stage 4 Netball

Understanding the risk of Netball

NHS Test and Trace services

We will be using the NHS Test and Trace service if needed, and you will be asked to agree to us using your information for this purpose only. This document from England Netball helps explain the process.