Membership – Expressing your Interest to Join MSNC

Many thanks for your interest in this Club. The Club has an online system for expressing interest in joining the Club.

To express your interest in joining MSNC, please access this link to read the membership information and enter your details direct:

Expression of interest form

Club Structure and Player Development

MSNC runs a ‘Club’ Section for players across all abilities where memberships are offered to those on the Expressions List for direct entry into the Club section for their age as places in that particular group become available. We also run a ‘Regional’ higher performance Section for players of higher ability where entry is by trial only. Players are invited to trial for entry to the Regional Section when trial dates are confirmed each season. If the club runs any ‘open trials’ it means that all players are invited to trial whether they are already in the club, on the Expressions List or looking to join the club for the first time.

MSNC’s traditional motto has been ‘Netball for All’. In the younger age groups we support and encourage players across a wide range of abilities, leading up to more competitive/selective netball in preparation for Regional/higher level competition at U13 and above. We also support the development of club netball for players not selected to play in regional squads.

Rules of Membership

Memberships will only be accepted from players who:

Attend at least 75% of all sessions if playing in the Club Section. A higher rate of commitment is expected if playing in the Regional section.
Abide by MSNC’s Code of Conduct at all times and abide by all MSNC policies & procedures detailed on our website at
We will not accept any memberships from any junior players who are also registered with another netball club competing against MSNC.

Training Schedule

Training sessions and matches are al published on Pitchero for members to access.

MSNC Committee

Chairman: Sue Binns

Secretary: Sarah Judd

Treasurers: Sarah Raison & Nikki Mortimer

Head Coach: Siobhan Nicoll

Safeguarding Officer: Tracy Goodman

Club Volunteer Co-ordinator & Youth Helpers: Issy Pryse

Kit Manager: Kirstie Gainey