MSNC Admin Page

To log into and update the MSNC web site you will need to have an MSNC account. Please email to arrange this.

Logging In and Editing

To log into your MSNC account go to the web site home page, scroll to the bottom, and click "Sign in".

Enter your email address (if you've saved your account details already it may already be listed). Then enter your password.

To edit the current page click on the "edit page" icon at the top of the page. You will see a row of simple formatting controls which you can use to style the text. If you want to insert an image click "Insert", then "Image" and the "upload images".

Finally click "Save" otherwise your edits will be discarded.

Please restrict any changes to the following sections.


Adding announcements to the home page is simple. Please be careful with your formatting and content as this will appear on the home page of the public web site.

Click on the "News and Announcements" link in the navigation bar. Click the "New Post" button.  Enter the post title and content in the boxes. You can use the editing controls at the top of the page to format the content. Please avoid the use of unnecessary formatting as it will conflict with the overall site style.

Once you're happy with the post click "Save" and it will appear in the "News and Announcements" page and on the home page.

Club Calendar

To update the calendar you will need to have an MSNC account and permission to update the calendar. Please email to arrange this. 

Display the calendar page for your account (available behind the grid icon at the top of the page) or at:

Under "my calendars" choose "Mid Sussex Netball Calendar". You can add, edit and delete events. When you add an event make sure you choose the "Mid Sussex Netball Calendar", otherwise it will be added to your account calendar.

Year Group Pages

These pages are intended for the year group coaches. Please edit the relevant year group page.  Try not to leave outdated content on-line - it's better to remove old content and leave the page blank.


We are currently trialling a new system for communicating within the club based on "Google Groups".