New Arrival/Dismissal Policy

posted 18 Apr 2013, 09:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Apr 2013, 09:08 by Midsussex Netball Admin ]

To all Parents/Guardians/Carers:

Over the last term there has been several instances that have required the club to review its safeguarding procedures to ensure that girls can never be in the position of being left unattended at the venues we use for training.
Whilst the clubs official responsibility for the care of the girls starts when the girls arrive at training and ends once training finishes we have decided that to ensure that no girl can be left alone before or after training we will be bringing in a strict arrival and dismissal policy for all girls up to and including U16 level.

In drawing up this policy we have also sought advice from England netball on the matter and the new policy follows guidance provided by them in this respect.

Effective from the start of the Summer training sessions and continuing for all future training the following will apply to ALL girls training up to and including the U16 age group:

At the start of every training session either a parent / guardian or adult responsible for the care of each girl will be required to sign in each girl with their coach. The same policy will also apply at the end of each session with every girl not being discharged until the parent/guardian or adult responsible for the care of the girls has signed them out with their coach.
This policy will be strictly monitored and if there are any instances where this is not adhered to unfortunately the girls will be asked to sit out of the training session.
If there is agreement for 1 parent / guardian to drop/pick up more than one girl this will be allowed as long as the coach is made aware and that the parent / guardian signs in/out all girls in their care.

Whilst we appreciate that this may add a couple of minutes onto your duties for dropping off/picking there have been several instances in the last term where training has been cancelled either due to adverse weather or late notice cancellation by venues that has meant that all girls could be contatced in time . This has resulted in girls being dropped off by parents unaware that there is no training taking place and the girls potentially being in a position of being left unattended. 
Both the club and I am sure Parents do not want any of the girls to be ever left in this position hence the decision taken by the club to bring in this policy.
In this respect we would like to ask for all parents cooperation to assist in ensuring the policy is followed.

Please note any changes to training will as normal continue to be posted on the website so if there is any doubt whether training is going ahead please use this as first point of contact. If there is not sufficient time to post changes on the website the club will try to contact girls individually by phone however there may always be instances where this may not be possible and the new policy should then also cover that eventuality.

If anyone has any questions/concerns please speak to any of the Club coaches/officials who will be able to assist.

Iain Lewis


On behalf of Mid Sussex Netball Club